One of the Good Days


Another misconception about Depression: Every day is a bad day. Not true.

Today was one of the good ones. One of my best friends had a baby recently. She’s a beautiful little girl and I just want to give her a squidge every time I see  a picture of her. Today, I actually did get to meet the Bean. I love babies. They remind me of happiness and the beginning when everything is new and fresh. Holding a newborn, to me anyway, is tonic for the soul. You see such wisdom in their young eyes. I have a theory that since babies come from Heaven they know everything but then we teach them what we think they should know and they lose that knowledge that came with them. That’s why babies are so good at looking at you like you’re out of your mind.

After spending an hour with that sweet baby in my arms this afternoon, I spent time with Emma and then took her for a walk. I stopped off at my landlord’s house to ask them if they would be interested in some of the taco ranch chicken I had made in the crockpot. What ensued was an hour and a half long visit. My landlords are another one of the blessings in my life. They have become family to me when I have none around. Time spent with them always makes me feel better.

So, see, not all days are bad. Some, though not exciting, are exactly the kind of day you need. I cherish the days like this because Depression tries to make me doubt myself, my friendships, and basically everything good in my life. I can’t let it win so I remember the days where it couldn’t seem to get a foot in the door. Life will never be perfect, but I know it will be better. There will be a time when days like this one will be the norm, not the exception to the rule. I have to believe that. It’s what keeps me from losing my mind.

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